How To Raise Happy Children?

Any parent aspires to create the best environment to educate their child, but sometimes it is difficult to know how it is achieved and what it means. Psychologist Annie gives some clues.

Effective tips for sleeping a newborn baby

Effective tips for sleeping a newborn baby

The babies often have sleep cycles that can vary widely, depending not only on the months you have but also whether eaten or not enough, if you have any ailment, or as we mentioned, if the temperature is right. So there is no magic formula or a key that allows us to sleep a baby and more when it comes to a newborn, immediately, but we can follow several guidelines that will allow us to get the baby to pick up certain habits that little by little they become a good sleep routine. Let’s see what they are.

Take advantage of the first yawns

If the baby yawns and seems tired, take him to the crib (or to bed if you co-sleep) without wasting time. In fact, you should know that if you do not take advantage of that moment to begin to sleep, it is possible that it will “wake up,” and it will cost you more to sleep.

Know well the sleep rhythm of babies

The sleep needs vary greatly from one baby to another, depending on the age but also the individual characteristics of each: for example, up to a month of life, the baby sleeps on average 14 to 15 hours a day (but this it also means that there are those who sleep only 9 hours and others who can spend practically the whole day asleep), then the hours of sleep gradually decrease, until the age of four years, in which the child sleeps from 9 to 14 hours approximately.

There is also a lot of variability in the duration of each sleep episode: if in the first month, the baby can wake up on average every three hours (but there are babies who wake up after an hour and those who sleep 4 hours in a row), around the year of age, the child begins to sleep more, which can last up to eight to nine hours (although it is often interrupted by one or more awakenings), in addition to being recommended that you take a few naps during the day, one in the morning and another in the afternoon; and around two or three years, it will only be advisable to take an afternoon nap.

Is it a day, or is it a night?

We must try that the newborn can distinguish the difference between day and night. This is a task that can take us weeks and even months, but if we do all kinds of activities with the baby during the day, we will end up checking how he himself ends up falling asleep when the afternoon-night arrives, the moment that we will take advantage of to start his sleep phase and thus accustom him to sleeping at once all night or at least several hours at a time.

Wake up the baby if he falls asleep during the day

If it is not nap time, it is not good for the baby to spend the whole morning or afternoon sleeping because that translates into not wanting to sleep at night. It happens to many parents, they go out for a walk with the baby, and suddenly he has fallen asleep even first thing in the morning. It is better to gently wake him up and distract him, so that little by little, he gets used to staying awake during the day and falling asleep at night.

Marjorie Camacho