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Twin Breastfeeding: Guidelines, Tips, and Which Postures Are Best

Twin Breastfeeding: Guidelines, Tips, and Which Postures Are Best

Considering that a mother’s milk production is linked to her baby’s request, we do not have to think that we will not have enough milk to breastfeed two babies at the same time. The more they eat, the more milk we will produce, so unless there is a real problem for the milk to rise (something that we should consult with the doctor), we do not have any concern.

So, we must focus on other conditions that can cause us to go through moments of stress related to breastfeeding twins. These are:


Strong motivation and willpower are required to breastfeed a twin set, which will be greater than that required to breastfeed a single baby.

Twin breastfeeding is very demanding, especially in the first period, the one dedicated to learning that requires considerable time.

After the first few weeks, breastfeeding will become a pleasant time to feed your babies, so we must be prepared for hard days and think that everything will be better in the short future.


Not knowing how to breastfeed twins can be very stressful. Therefore, one way to prepare for such an important task is to observe other nursing mothers. Dating other mothers early in your pregnancy can be very helpful in starting your adventure. You can also obtain all the information on breastfeeding twins from breastfeeding professionals, and you can also expand their knowledge by reading the material available on the subject.


Stable and constant support is a comfort and a great help in this delicate period. An important role is that of the father, his contribution is necessary, and his confidence in breastfeeding can make a difference in the company’s success. Other important supports are those of the health personnel at birth and family members once they return home.

Help at home

A material aid that can relieve the mother of daily household chores can be almost essential to save precious time to devote to rest and start breastfeeding well. This will allow the family to provide proper care for twin babies.

General guidelines for breastfeeding twins

In the practice of breastfeeding for twins, we can point out some important guidelines or rules to follow. We see them now listed:

If twins remain with their mothers from birth, they should breastfeed as soon as possible, from the time of delivery.
It is important to breastfeed frequently and with frequent feedings during the first days, between 8 and 12 feedings in the first days, taking care to multiply everything by the number of children.
This is a very delicate phase and essential to properly stimulate milk production and ensure adequate needs throughout the following months.
Bottles and pacifiers should be avoided to not confuse babies while learning to suck; remember that breastfeeding is different from bottle feeding.
If babies are separated from their mother for health reasons, a breast pump should be used every 2-3 hours.

Marjorie Camacho